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Wonderful Jungle Peru

Wonderful Jungle

From US$839.00 per person
A Peru 4 day itinerary in the rainforest, including 1-night camping in the forest during a river journey to a natural macaw and parrot clay lick.  
Group Tambopata

Phenomenal Jungle

From US$665.00 per person
"Embark on an exciting four-day odyssey through the Tambopata National Reserve, a haven of biodiversity. Witness the mesmerizing spectacle of mammal and macaw clay licks, a rare opportunity to connect...
Jungle Tourism Peru

Exuberant Rainforest

From US$861.00 per person
Experience four enchanting days at our exquisite Ecolodge, where you'll immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. Embark on captivating forest trail adventures, discover the vibrant biodiversity of lush wetland...
Leopard Tambopata-1

Boundless Jungle

From US$1584.00 per person
"Immerse yourself in the Amazon: A thrilling 5-day jungle expedition! Camp by the river, witness vibrant macaws and majestic mammals indulging in a dawn clay feast. Your ultimate nature odyssey!"...

Pure Rainforest

From US$445.00 per person
"Discover the enchantment of the Amazon: 3 days in a luxurious ecolodge, trekking and canoeing through pristine rainforests, lakes and rivers".