The Definitive Cusco City Tour

Sacsayhuaman's archaeological park seen from the sky.

About this activity:

7.5 Km / 4.6 miles
5 ½ hrs / 6 hrs
From Cusco
Cusco's nearest Archeological sites

Tour details:

Natourandes invites you to experience Cusco’s city with the best city tour offer out there!

Enjoy the ancient capital of the Inca culture, amaze yourself with the many feats that this mysterious civilization reached, ancient architecture and rich history await for you in this incredible offer that includes all the necessary entries for you to lay back and enjoy your trip as we take care of the details that are necessary for this tour to be the best for you!


Cusco city tour

Full Itinerary: The Definitive Cusco City Tour

Our first stop will be the Temple of the Sun, or “Qoricancha”, translated from Quechua, the Inca language. This temple was considered the center of the empire during Incan times but now is part of the Catholic church, currently handled by the Dominican Order.

Secondly, we’ll go to the city’s Cathedral, an important building that is shrouded by a tragic history that took almost 100 years to be completed.

After visiting both city’s highlights, we’ll be leaving to Cusco’s outskirt to head to Saqsayhuaman, a mysterious set of buildings that guard an important part of the local history, it’s also a multifunctional complex that still generates debate to this day. Saqsayhuaman’s archaeological park territory comprises the 4 next stops that we’ll be having during this tour.

After leaving Saqsayhuaman, we’ll be leading to Q’enqo, a rock formation that the Incas took advantage of to build a temple that’s related with religious rituals of the local ancient culture. It’s name means “labyrinth” but as many other Quechua voices, this hasn’t been cleared completely.

After leaving Q’enqo, we’ll be going to “Puka Pukara”, which is translated as Red Fortress from Quechua. This strategic complex served as an outpost that overlooked the northern portion of the valley that surrounds Cusco, the looks from here are worth of some pictures that we’ll be able to take after a short explanation of the place and it’s importance for Inca society since it served as well as some sort of customs control point for outsiders that brought commodities to the Inca capital.

One of the Saqsayhuaman's bulwarks gates.
One of the Saqsayhuaman’s bulwarks gates.

Then, we­ will make our way to Tambomachay, known as the Temple­ of Water, where the­ Incas practiced traditions connected to wate­r to replenish the land.

This is a truly unique­ experience­ that will leave you fee­ling refreshed and inspire­d. At the end of our journey, we­ will return you to your hotel around 6:00 pm, where­ you can reflect on the incre­dible sights and experie­nces you had during your time exploring Cuzco.

What to bring:

  • Footwe­ar suitable for hiking
  • A small backpack to carry your belongings
  • A camera
  • Comfortable­ clothing
  • Money for small purchases
  • Entrance­ fees and the Qoricancha ticke­t
  • Rain jacket or poncho
  • Water and snacks

Additional Information

Services included in your trip:

  • Transportation
  • Official tour guide fluent in English
  • Partial tourist pass
  • Entrance ticket to Qoricancha and Cathedral

Services excluded in your trip:

  • Tips

Additional Prices

FAQs The Definitive Cusco City Tour

How long does this tour last?

Typically it should last for 4 hours, depending on the specific itinerary and the pace of the group.


Are there any safety concerns?

This tour has no difficulty since the groups reach all the stops by bus, no significant phyisical effort is involved.


  • A guided tour of important places
  • All transport from your arrival
  • Professionally guided tour

Not included

  • Personal expenses
  • Tips to guide and driver

Video The Definitive Cusco City Tour

per person
From $75.00
por persona

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Sacsayhuaman's archaeological park seen from the sky.

The Definitive Cusco City Tour

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Natourandes invites you to experience Cusco's city with the best city tour offer out there! Enjoy the ancient capital of the Inca culture, amaze yourself with the many feats that...

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