At NatourAndes, we believe that good oral health is essential for a healthy and happy life. Unfortunately, many remote communities in underdeveloped or developing countries lack access to proper dental services. Over 80% of Peruvians living in remote areas suffer from dental caries, with children being particularly affected. We are committed to addressing this issue and improving the oral health of vulnerable populations in the regions where we operate our itineraries.

About Our Partner

Milton Cáceres

Milton Cáceres is our campaign dentist, chosen for his outstanding professional and compassionate qualities to help us achieve our social responsibility goals in oral health. He has been invited to join our team and assist us in providing proper dental treatment to those in need in the selected areas. Milton’s experience and dedication to service are invaluable assets to us.

Let Milton tell us about his experience

I began my work in social missions among low-income populations and those who could not access dental care for various reasons. From my time as a dental student, I was driven by this vocation. In 2005, I started as a volunteer and translator for the NGO (non-governmental organization) Tandsunhed Uden Grænser – TUG – and participated in the majority of their missions until they withdrew from Peru. My experience with TUG provided me with the knowledge and insights to assist those in need. It heightened my social awareness and allowed me to live incredible experiences alongside each member of TUG.

Improving Smiles in Remote Communities

At NatourAndes, we take pride in our social responsibility to enhance the oral health of vulnerable populations in the regions where we operate our itineraries. We focus on remote communities in Peru that lack access to adequate dental services. Led by dentist Milton Cáceres, our team embarks on missions to hard-to-reach locations, providing dental care, preventive education, and promoting oral health. Our aim is to alleviate dental pain, prevent oral diseases, and improve the quality of life for those who need it most.

Support Our Work in Improving Smiles

 Your support can make a difference in the lives of people who lack access to dental care. If you share our passion for improving smiles and promoting oral health in remote communities, we invite you to join our cause. You can contribute through donations, volunteering, or spreading awareness about our work. Together, we can create a significant impact and bring smiles to those in need.